Clevo NH70 Laptop: Specifications, Features, and Cost
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Clevo NH70 Laptop: Specifications, Features, and Cost

Clevo is a Taiwan-based producer founded in 1983 that solely sells PCs. The parent affiliation is Nan Tan PC (NTC). Its gaming division has delivered a suitable NH70 PC model. The Clevo NH70 offers 8GB of RAM memory and an Intel Core i7 processor. Further, it has a NVIDIA GeForce 4 card preinstalled. Subsequently, the Clevo NH70 tops the chart of gaming workstations by a wide margin for most gaming needs at a reasonable cost.

Therefore, on the off chance that you are similarly needing to purchase a Clevo NH70 gaming Laptop, this article would be especially important. Here we will give a coordinated Clevo NH70 outline and review its benefits and horrendous engravings. So we should go straight into it. Clevo is an affiliation known for gathering barebone workstations that are routinely rebranded and sold by different relationships under various names. These workstations are known for their customization choices and flexibility in equipment plans.

What is the cost of clevo nh70?

Azom Exigo Clevo P750TM1 cost in India starts from ₹ 119,416. The most reduced price of the Azom Exigo Clevo P750TM1 is ₹ 119,416 at Amazon on July 27, 2023.

What brands use Clevo?

The most known brands and people that use the clevo outline are Sager, Xotic, One (DE), Schenker, Cyberpower, Hivevolution, Metabox, XMG, BTO, Eluktronics, Prostar, PC Specialist, Origin, Obsidian-PC, LPC-Digital,Eurocom, Level 51, and Deferred Repercussion.

What is a Clevo nh70 body?

Clevo, which produces Blue Sky laptops, is a Taiwanese OEM/ODM PC producer that produces workstations. They sell barebone computers, or barebooks, to added accomplices who amass changed laptops for individual clients.

Where are Clevo workstations made?

PC with Linux (Comexr B.V.) is a Clevo accessory that supplies its goods from one side of the world to the other. If you buy a Clevo PC from us, you are ready for a standard two-year guarantee through

Linux can certainly pick their Clevo PC.

Clients of PCs with Linux can certainly pick up their Clevo PC for free on our site. This ought to be conceivable by introducing the electronic insistence structure. After this, we, by and large, contact the client about the possible treatment of the RMA and ensure the strategy of your Clevo diary.

It’s conceivable that Clevo presented the NH70 model after my last update, or it very well may be a model that is normal for express districts or markets. To get accurate and current data about the Clevo NH70, I propose checking Clevo’s genuine page, dependable tech news sources, or online retailers that address the huge market for Clevo workstations.

Clevo NH70 Elements

The Clevo NH70 has left an etching in the hearts of gamers. This machine can stand any pressure test for first-class gaming. From heating the board to PC processor execution, it is amazing. There are several motivations driving why this PC stays away from social affairs; we should take a gander at them in any capacity whatsoever.


A gaming PC’s processor is what a stream motor is to a Boeing plane. The PC’s processor guarantees that the endeavors or games run quicker and, surprisingly, more profitably. The Clevo NH70 has an Intel Center i7 9750H processor with a base frequency of 2.6 GHz and 12 MB of memory. So whether you utilize the PC for fitness purposes or not, it will flawlessly oversee performing various tasks and running different exercises without issues.

Clevo NH70 Laptop


Depictions are extremely important in conversations about gaming workstations. Clear pixels and top-quality highlights are an unquestionable need to see the worth of PC games. For instance, You can research better and shoot much more unequivocally in a shooter-mission game like GTA. This Laptop also has a big competitor, The Asus 2-in-1 Q535 ZenBook. Check out the complete review.

The Clevo NH70 PC offers major areas of strength for a GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card for better execution. Also, it makes the gaming experience amazing and fitting for fantastic gaming. So on the off chance that you are a gamer and continue on Jerk or Youtube, this gaming stuff will convey, show, and convey phenomenal pictures and records.


A pleasant gaming PC should have high-performing RAM. This provides the contraption with high processing speeds and a superior gaming experience. The Clevo NH70 has 8GB of storage, which is adequate for most recent games. You can extend it up to 16 GB.


Game idiosyncrasies: gamers consistently play a ton of games on their PCs. For this, good SSD aggregation should store the different game records. If you additionally love gaming, the Clevo NH70 is an ideal choice for you. It has 256GB of SSD storage, stacking your game lightning-fast without any problem. Additionally, you can increase the limit up to 1TB. As a result, you will never run out of cutoff.

Show Screen

A gaming gadget with a giant and clear screen is a necessity for each gamer. It gives them an unmistakable encounter while playing any computer game on the PC. Concerning and showing, the Clevo NH70 also tells the truth. It has a 17.3-inch top-quality display with IPS improvement. Moreover, 19201080 is the most absurd goal of the Clevo NH70, which may not be heavenly yet is satisfactory for gaming.

The Clevo NH70 is the ideal choice for gaming devotees since it has around 2,000,000 pixels and a pixel thickness of 127.3 pixels per inch.

Battery support

It is irritating when you are gaming for a surprisingly long time, and startlingly, the battery gets 0%, and before you can hurry to interface the charger, it’s down Finished (power off). Consequently, having a PC with an uncommon battery term would be best for getting a charge out of solid gaming social events.

In this current situation, Clevo committed a bungle and rather disabled gamers. Ignoring the fact that it has a 14.4V, 3275mAh battery type, its life is basically around 3.5 hours. The supportive thing is that the battery is distinguishable, so if Clevo NH70 clients have two of them, they can trade them without any problem.

Ports and Associations

Gamers interface their control spots and gadgets, similar to regulators and speakers, to their laptops. This further fosters the gaming experience and makes it more understood. Consequently, a gaming PC should have fantastic association highlights.

In light of the Clevo NH70, it keeps up with what’s going on.

  • USB 3.2
  • USB-C
  • SD card peruser and
  • HDMI yield
  • WiFi
  • USB 5.0

In this manner, Clevo NH70 awards you to relate your speakers, earphones, show, regulators, and so forth. Console and Trackpad: The Clevo NH70 has an illuminated control community with delicate keys. You can change the quality according to your needs. The Power button is discrete from the control community; subsequently, there are no expected results of a mis-press. The external layer of the trackpad is remarkably responsive and smooth, which assists with exploring quickly while gaming.


The Clevo NH70 PC gives sensible power, and the board has two exhaust fans to toss heat outside and cool the design. In any case, the fans in this way create commotion, which can divert.

Camera and mouthpiece

The camera and recipient of the PC are run of the mill, so if you truly need to stream your game live on Jerk, you truly need to relate outside mic and camera gadgets.

Sound quality

Without a doubt, the Clevo NH70 is a surprising choice for playing since it besides has a decently strong framework. That conveys the best base and sound prompts during ceaseless association. You can find the speakers in the bottom left corner.

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