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Tom Foolery
Tom Foolery@gamedreamer
When Tom isn’t creating web projects or figuring out new ways to void warranties on every electronic device imaginable, he’s doing something involving video games. Playing, streaming, talking about, writing about or just simply thinking about games is what consumes most of his free time. Tom is responsible for the design and development of this website, constantly pushing himself to find new ways to improve it. He also has a background in video editing, multimedia production, live streaming, graphic design, podcasting and writing.
Mira Mortal
Mira Mortal@mortalcoil
Click to visit Mira’s Portfolio
Mira is a multi-talented badass creative force of nature. When she’s not kicking butt in MMA class or learning how to fight with sticks, she’s using nearly all of her free time to write, draw, color, letter and edit comics. A storyteller at heart, she can fire off quality ideas at a rate that would make an Uzi blush and turn in pages just as quickly. She also has a background in graphic and layout design, editing, proofreading and branding.
LucyLaser Dot Hunter
A spoiled feline dwelling in Tom’s abode, Lucy enjoys sleeping for long periods of time until she knows somebody is on the toilet, and will then do everything in her power to annoy them incessantly until they are done, at which point she disappears into the shadows to plot her next bathroom raid.
AnyaWolf Queen
A grizzled survivalist with a heart of gold, Anya is a professional food stalker. If there’s something sizzling in Mira’s kitchen, you can bet Anya is in a sniper’s nest staring a hole through whatever deliciousness is being cooked up. When not on mission, she likes to give everyone in the house side-eye from the comfort of her doggy bed.


John Rodriguez
John Rodriguez@jarofcomics
Friend and frequent collaborator, JAR is an illustrator from Chicago, IL. Working in many different media including watercolor, he’s developed his style over the years into something truly unique, allowing his artwork and Mira’s writing to complement each other well. JAR is the artist on SPLIT: A Graphic Novella, Angel Rock, and Made-Up: ZOMBIE CLOWN CIRCUS. He also contributed an alternate cover for our webcomic I.D.
You can see more examples of his work at jarofcomics.com.
Source Point Press
Source Point Press@SourcePtPress
Source Point Press is an awesome independent comics publisher specializing in genres like horror and sci-fi. They are the publisher of Mira and JAR’s most recent book, Made-Up: ZOMBIE CLOWN CIRCUS. It’s available now digitally and will have a print run starting in May 2017!
Red Stylo Media
Red Stylo Media@red_stylo
Red Stylo Media (RSM) is an independent comics publisher, founded in 2008 by writer Enrica Jang. They began with a successful Kickstarter campaign for Enrica’s first series, AZTECA, and continue to produce and publish original comic series and graphic novels.
Lately, Red Stylo has been putting together some truly great comic anthologies, including quite a few that Mira has contributed to.
Comic Blitz
Comic Blitz@comicblitzapp
An all-you-can-read digital comic book subscription service similar to Netflix, Comic Blitz boasts a large library of comics from large publishers to small press.
DriveThru Comics
DriveThru Comics@drivethrucomics
DriveThruComics.com was the first online retailer to specialize in offering downloadable comics, and is part of a family of premiere online marketplaces including RPGNow, DriveThruRPG, DriveThruCards, DnDClassics, DriveThruComics, DriveThruFiction, and Wargame Vault. Together, they have been selling digital and print-on-demand comic books, roleplaying games, and fiction since 2001.
ComiXology, an Amazon.com, Inc. subsidiary, is a revolutionary, cloud-based digital comics platform. With content from over 125 publishers as well as thousands of independent creators from around the world including MortalDream, comiXology provides an unrivaled library of comic books, graphic novels, and manga.
Another monthly digital comics subscription service, Comicsfix was the first place you could purchase and read SPLIT: A Graphic Novella.